We rely on feedback from instructors and students to help us ensure Individual Learning Modules are up-to-date and contain accurate, quality content.

If you would like to provide feedback or leave a comment, please use the "Leave a Comment" link below (the link appears once you have logged into your account).

When commenting, please be as specific as possible and provide suggestions wherever you can. 

NOTE: Prior to commenting, please ensure you're accessing the most recent version of the module (either student module or digital instructor PDF). The current version number is listed beside each module on our Order Modules page.

Comments are discussed and addressed at our regular ILM Quality Assurance meetings. For more information on Quality Assurance meetings, please visit our Content Updates page.

Comment Status Legend

Each comment received will be tracked and assigned status updates from initial receipt of the comment until it has been reviewed and a corresponding action has been decided upon.  Please note the following statuses that will be applied to comments throughout the review process:

  • Approved for Review – Comment has been approved for review at the next Quality Assurance (QA) meeting.  QA meeting participants will discuss the comment and determine an appropriate course of action. 

  • Update in Progress – Comment has been reviewed at the QA meeting and an update to the module is in progress with the content development team.   

  • Declined – Comment has been reviewed at the QA meeting and will not be implemented at this time. 

  • Implemented – Resulting change from comment has been implemented and the content update/change is reflected in the most recent published version of the ILM.