Digital ILMs

Individual Learning Modules (ILMs) are now available in both print and digital formats.  The new digital format has been introduced as an option, in addition to the print format, for institutions, programs and students.  This digital option was introduced to provide flexibility to students involved in distance and online learning, as well as to provide an option for those students who may prefer to read and learn from digital/online content instead of, or in addition to, traditional print-based texts. 

How to Order Digital ILMs – for Institutions

standard Digital ILM packages

A standard ILM package includes modules, as listed for each Period package, on the Order Modules page. Standard digital ILM packages will be available for adoption into your bookstore system through either Campus eBookstore or RedShelf.

The ILM Office will complete annual publishing updates and new digital ILM files (where applicable) will be automatically uploaded to both platforms as part of updated standard digital ILM packages. Bookstores and programs will receive email notification when this update occurs.

custom digital Ilm packages

Custom ILM packages are created by special request from institutions and contain a specific list of modules, as provided by the institution/training provider. Custom packages may include a combination or subset of modules from a standard package, additional modules from other periods within the same trade, or modules from different trades.

If a Program at an Institution requires a custom digital ILM package, they will request their Bookstore to complete and submit the Digital ILM Custom Package Request Form (link below) & submit to the ILM Office.  The ILM Office will then create the custom digital ILM package, upload to the requested digital platform requested (Campus eBookstore or Redshelf), and contact the Program and the Bookstore with the package details so that the Bookstore can adopt the custom digital package into their sales system.
(If you are a training provider without a bookstore, please contact us at support@ilmlearning for assistance.)

***Please allow 3-5 business days for requests to be processed***

PLEASE NOTE: This request process must be repeated annually, by the Program, following the ILM Office Publishing Update as modules will be impacted by updated/new/removed content. Existing custom digital packages will be removed by the ILM Office upon completion of the annual publishing cycle and Programs and bookstores will be notified of the updates to the impacted Trades.

How to Order Digital ILMs – for Enrolled Students

Students enrolled for instruction with a training provider should review their course materials/resource list for ILM resource information, format options, and purchase location.

Digital ILMs are available for purchase from select institutional bookstores and campus retailers across Canada, however they may not be available at all locations.  Please check with your local institution to confirm availability and pricing of digital ILMs. If the package you require is not listed, please contact us at [email protected].

Once the digital ILM package has been purchased from the retailer, you will then be able to access the package content online via either the Campus eBookstore or RedShelf platforms. Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to that specific edition of the package you purchased. This policy may change for future digital ILM sales.

How to Order Digital ILMs – for Independent Learners

Digital ILMs are also available to learners that are not enrolled with a training provider; however, the digital package will still need to be purchased through either the NAIT or SAIT campus bookstores (either in person or via their websites).  Currently, there are two options for Independent Learners to order digital ILMs from the NAIT and SAIT bookstores:

  1. The Standard Package of digital ILMs (for a list of the modules included in a Standard Package, please see the bottom of our home page for a complete listing of the products to view the standard period package listing for your trade).
  2. Any existing custom digital package that is already listed on NAIT and SAIT’s bookstore websites.

Once the digital ILM package has been purchased from the retailer, you will then be able to access the package content online via either the Campus eBookstore or RedShelf platforms. Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to that specific edition of the package you purchased. This policy may change for future digital ILM sales.

Further Resources – for Instructors

Instructional Support Files

Instructional support files are available to instructors as an instructional aid to accompany the print modules that their students have purchased.
Access to the Powerpoint and PDF (locked, watermarked) files are issued per Period, per Trade, in English (and French where applicable).
All files are in colour format. Instructors can add comments, highlight and annotate using Adobe’s built-in features. 

Instructors (or program staff) can request access to these files for an instructor using the Instructional Support File Request form (link to the live web form below).
The ILM office will review the request and provide a link to the instructor to access the files via a cloud-based file sharing site, where the PDFs and PowerPoints are grouped together, per period, per trade.
*Institutions must have purchased class quantities of the corresponding ILMs within the past year to receive access to the instructional support files.

Please Note: The links provided DO NOT expire. When updated ILM content is released, the Powerpoint and PDF instructional support files are automatically updated and instructors can use their existing link to re-access the file sharing site and download the latest material.
A new request form/link is not required.

Please allow 48 hours for the ILM Office to process requests. 

Digital ILMs and Accessibility

For learners that require accessibility support and/or learning accommodations, please be aware digital ILMs may not have all of the necessary accessibility features built-in.  Dependent upon the type of accommodation required, learners may need to contact the learning services and/or accessibility support teams at their institutions for additional information and support.  The ILM office works directly with these institutional support teams to provide students with accessible versions of ILMs if required.  If you are not sure what type of accomodations you need, we strongly encourage you to reach out to these institutiutional support teams for further guideance prior to purchasing any ILMs.

The two platforms used for the digital ILM content, BibliU (used with Campus eBookstore purchases) and the RedShelf eReader, have different accessibility features and options available.  

Your feedback is important to us!  Our team is committed to enhancing and improving both our print-based and digital content going forward.  We rely on your feedback to help us make these improvements, and we encourage you to send feedback via our Comments page. 

Have questions?  Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list below. 
If your question is not answered after reviewing the information below, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question Answer
Are there any changes to print ILMs and how they are ordered? No.  Print ILMs can continue to be ordered via the ILM website, and order fulfillment will continue to be provided by each of the licensed ILM print providers. 
Can I access the digital version through my institutional Learning Management System (LMS)?  Not at this time.  LMS access and integration is being considered for a future implementation phase. 
Is the content of the digital versions different than the print versions?  No.  The content is the same.  However, the digital ILM content is provided in full colour, whereas the print ILMs are currently only available in black & white. 
What is a digital ILM package?  A digital ILM package is a single digital file that contains multiple ILMs.  These package files are created by the ILM team and made available to institutions to adopt into their bookstore inventory.  
What is a standard package of ILMs? The standard ILM package includes modules, as listed for each Period package, on the Order Modules page.
What is a custom package of ILMs? Custom packages are created by special request from institutions.  Upon request, the ILM office will create a custom package of ILMs containing a specific list of modules, as provided by the institution/training provider. 
How do I submit a custom package request? Please submit the Digital ILM Custom Package Request Form, and allow 3-5 business days for orders to be processed. 
How do I purchase digital ILMs?  Digital ILMs can be purchased through your institutional campus retailer/bookstore.  Adoption of the digital ILMs into campus retail stores is optional, so not all stores may offer the digital option. 
How do I access digital ILMs that I have purchased?  For online purchases, you will receive a link providing you with access to the purchased digital ILM content.  For in-store purchases, you will typically receive an access code that you can use to access the content on the appropriate distribution platform. 
What if I want to purchase both the print and digital ILMs?  There may be an option to purchase a bundle of both print and digital ILMs in a single bundle through your institutional campus bookstore/retailer.  Please contact your institution's bookstore to find out if that is something they offer.
Is any discount offered when both print and digital are purchased together in the same transaction? Discounted pricing may be provided at the discrestion of the campus retailer.  Please see your institution’s bookstore/retailer for details and pricing.
How long do I have access to the digital ILMs I purchase?  Does access expire? Currently, there will be no expiry dates or length of access limits.  Students will be able to access the specific version of the ILM they purchased as long as needed.  This may change in the future as the ILM team considers additional purchasing options with alternate pricing, however there is not an ETA for when these additional options will be implemented.
Will I automatically get access to updated versions for the digital ILMs I purchase? No, not at this time.  New versions would need to be purchased separately once they are released.
Are students able to annotate and highlight their digital ILM? Yes - both the RedShelf and BibliU programs allow students to bookmark, annotate and highlight their copy of the digital ILM.
Can I print my digital ILM? No - print functionality for digital ILMs is currently unavailable.
What are the software and hardware requirements in order to use the eReaders for digital ILMs?

Campus eBookstore purchases will utilize BibliU as the eReader platform.  You can find more information about the platform and hardware/software requirements on the Students | BibliU page.

For more information on RedShelf's eReader, please visit the RedShelf eReader Features and Overview page.