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Second Period Package (16 Modules) Comments

Date: 10/7/2022 11:31:38 AM
Module: 120203c
Comment: Thank you for the opportunity to give my feedback. I have been teaching second year for several years and have come to the conclusion that the Second year math examples in the module do not give enough explanation on the actual process of the formula. Could the concepts be broken down into more detail and explain how each process actually works? The general consensus from each class is, 80% do not understand the process or have never understood the process. I feel this will make the students more successful going forward to Third year and their career.
Status: Approved for Review

Archived Comments

Year: 2021

3/24/2021 11:20:55 AM
Module: 120202a
Version: 21
Page: 49
Comment: In the temperatures that are expressed under the heading Liquid Containers the Celsius value for the liquid Argon is incorrect, should read Argon (-185° or -302°F)
Status: Implemented