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Year: 2021

10/13/2021 11:50:51 AM
Module: 070403d
Version: 22
Page: 10
Comment: The last paragraph on page 10 references code CSA-Z150 section, and states that Table 1 is "Included below for Reference). However, the included Table is the wrong table. The correct "Table 1" from CSA-Z150 (version 2020) is on page 12 of the ILM but is mislabeled as Table 2. And page 11 is a nearly complete text duplicate of page 10, aside from the heading "Load Weight and Crane Capacity". My suggestions are: replace Table 1 on page 10 with Table 2 from page 12; delete page 11. Edit the paragraph at the top of the old page 12 to correct for the changes to Tables 1 and 2.
Status: Implemented