Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic (RAC)

Fourth Period Package (25 Modules) Comments

Date: 8/30/2023 11:20:19 AM
Module: 140404d
Version: 24
Page: 3
Comment: The wiring diagram has a few items which should be addressed to more accurately conform to the standards that we are trying to achieve: 1. The vertical rungs of the schematic should be labelled L2, L2, or X1, X2, or H, N etc 2. The voltage of the circuit should be displayed spanning with double ended arrows spanning from left to right with the voltage included. 3. The normally open contact (NO) to the left of the LLSV and R2 should be labelled A419 to indicate that it is associated with the temperature controller. The term "NO" can be removed from the schematic as it is evident by the symbol that it is normally open. 4. The normally open contact between terminal 1 & 3, as well as the Normally closed contact between terminal 2 & 4 should be labelled to indicate that they are associated with the timeclock "TM". Alternately, the TM motor could be shifted to the left directly above the 2 subject contacts with a box drawn around all 3 components (TM and the 2 contacts) and simply label the box "Defrost Timeclock". The existing diagram gives no indication that either of the 2 contacts are associated with TM. 5. In the Legend, if the proper labelling of the schematic is updated as per item (3) above, there is no need to include in the legend the fourth row in column 3 & 4 of the Legend. Proper labelling on the schematic will take care of this. 6. Also in the legend, it is not necessary to include CC1 & CC2, which are shown in the 3rd row of the left 2 columns of the legend. The schematic offers enough clarification as to what the two contacts (CC1 & CC2) represent with no further definition required. 7. Also in the legend, it is not necessary to include R1 & R2 in the 5th row of column 3 & 4. This is for the same reasons as item (5) above. 8. In the description below the diagram there is a statement "When the thermostat closes, the gas valve is energized." This is not a gas valve, it is a Liquid Line Solenoid Valve (LLSV)
Status: Approved for Review

Archived Comments

Year: 2022

1/31/2022 3:10:44 PM
Module: 140401b
Version: 21
Page: 11
Comment: To clarify the refrigerant flow through the system, the diagram should be updated to show that not only R-14 exists in the First Stage Separator, but also, R-508B also exists at this point.
Status: Implemented

Year: 2021

11/29/2021 4:07:34 PM
Module: 140401dA
Version: 21
Page: 29
Comment: 1. Diagram arrow for Compressor Discharge is pointing in the wrong direction. Should point to the left. 2. Diagram arrow on line above the Controller pressure receiver, to the far left should be pointing down, not up. 3. Three way valve above dump trap is drawn as a two way valve. 4. Box with two fans on the upper left of the diagram should be labelled "Condenser" to be consistent with other drawings in ILM.
Status: Implemented

Year: 2020

11/18/2020 10:07:39 AM
Module: 140401f
Version: 21
Page: 21
Comment: question 7 for the self test seems to be wrong answer should be false. valves are not allowed in between pressure vessel and relief device. ( referencing pg 12) clause B.2.4. thanks for your time
Status: Declined