Carpenter (CAR)

Third Period Package (31 Modules) Comments

Date: 12/5/2022 10:51:43 AM
Module: 020304c
Version: 6
Page: 10
Comment: Last paragraph-Bracing: 'for every 2400 mm (4') of formwork.' Should read 'for every 2400 mm (8') of formwork.
Status: Implemented

Date: 12/9/2022 9:11:08 AM
Module: 020304g
Version: 24
Page: 8
Comment: Figure 2 the cross hatching is really faint and hard to see, students need the cross hatching in order to answer the questions as part of the Objective 2 exercies. The cross hatching in Figure 1 is much more clear and would be better for Obj 2. Perhaps they should be swapped since the cross-hatching isn't necessary for Objective 1 questions.
Status: Implemented

Date: 12/9/2022 9:19:41 AM
Module: 020304g
Version: 24
Comment: On Question 8 d) I do not think the drywall thickness should be subtracted 2630-(1460-45) = 1215 = face of framing to face of framing measurement. From there both walls get drywall added to them, but both on the same face of the framing so one is an addition the other a subtraction cancelling each other out. after subtracting 415 for the border tile and 600 for another full tile the final answer would be 200 instead
Status: Implemented

Archived Comments

Year: 2020

2/19/2020 9:19:53 AM
Module: 020304e
Version: 8
Comment: Page 41 – to clarify first 3 sections after the “Calculate the Volume of Excavation” heading: The area at the bottom of the excavation would be: Rectangular area minus the knockout area Rectangular area = 17.3 x 11.0 = 190.3 m2 Area of the knockout = 7.0 x 4.2 = 29.4 m2 190.3 – 29.4 = 160.9 m2 Page 42 – to clarify the math after the 2nd section from the top of the page replace with this: 250.9 – 29.4 = 221.5 m2
Status: Implemented

2/19/2020 9:01:31 AM
Module: 020301hB
Version: 9
Page: 24
Comment: Page 24 - Note box - change "pints" to "points"
Status: Implemented

2/19/2020 8:59:30 AM
Module: 020301g
Version: 6.1
Page: 2
Comment: Page 2 - last sentence above the note box - change "though" to "through"
Status: Implemented

2/19/2020 8:54:29 AM
Module: 020302a
Version: 7
Comment: Page 16 - Change "Matt" to "Mat" in all occurrences Page 47 and 50 - Change "Matt" to "Mat" in question 17 and in the answer to question 17
Status: Implemented

2/19/2020 8:47:40 AM
Module: 020301c
Version: 9
Page: 9
Comment: Last bullet above Figure 8 - change "brushed" to "bush"
Status: Implemented

2/19/2020 8:44:39 AM
Module: 020301bB
Version: 8.1
Comment: Page 24 – add note box – text in note box : “OHS Scaffold design requires single and double pole scaffolding systems to be anchored by one tie-in for each 3 metre vertical and horizontal interval if the scaffold is hoarded. (OHS Part 23, 324(1)(c))” Page 36 - revise answer to question 10 to match wording in new note box on page 24.
Status: Implemented

1/29/2020 9:38:56 AM
Module: 020304f
Version: 22
Page: 23
Comment: Soffit plywood calculations, about mid way down the page it talks about comparing triangles using Total Rise, unit rise, and unit run. Total rise : 1780, Unit Rise: 180, Unit run: 280. It references the rise at 190 on the example triangle. It should be 180. Minor error, but should be corrected.
Status: Implemented

Year: 2019

12/10/2019 1:52:02 PM
Module: 020303f
Version: 21
Page: 13
Comment: In the 3rd Period Module Commercial Fasteners and Anchors 023003f page 13, Figure 19 is supposed to be a drop-in anchor and its appears to be a lead anchor.
Status: Implemented